Monthly Archives: March 2009

Welcome to the Zoo…

I’m ‘spamming’ on my own site now. Well, kind of. This is a shameless commercial advertising piece in any case. It is for a good cause though. The Zoo of galaxies is still growing, but the more people hearing about it, the better.  So now I’m announcing that Galaxy Zoo’s very own shop is online! […]

I’m going to be a mummy!

Of 24 little chickens that is. These baby birds are currently nice and warm in their eggs in the incubator at school. If all goes well, they will see the world on the 6th of April.   When I told my good friend Tommy I was expecting, he was nearly in shock (!). I was […]

Suggestions anyone?

A few weeks ago, Chris asked me if I’d like to help the Galaxy Zoo team with something new. It would be a shame not to use the skills I have as a teacher and I’d be working together with Dr. Pamela L. Gay. Of course I said yes. I’ve written about this ‘online astronomy […]

What else is new?

Last Friday my dear friend Edd planned to arrive in ‘my country’ so I asked him if he’d like to go somewhere – we’ve been tourists in the caves of Maastricht before for instance.   “I’m happy to do anything, as long as it’s with you” he said. Yeah, he is very sweet. “No wait, […]

More talks.

Instead of a green touring bus, how about a helicopter? I’ve already been on the road again for three more talks in The Netherlands – two in my own province Limburg even – but soon I’ll be telling people about Galaxy Zoo, Hanny’s Voorwerp and ‘citizen science’ travelling through Europe!   The first talk of […]