Monthly Archives: May 2009


  It wasn’t my plan to write something on my birthday, but this year it’s a lazy (but also nice) one and I was just sitting on my balcony, in the Sun, with my laptop – reading a few more birthday wishes, when I suddenly had inspiration…   I’ve had a nice day so far. […]

About the Ireland lectures…

Back in March I announced I’ve been asked to come over to Ireland to give two lectures and those dates are getting nearer. So near, that Conor Farrell asked me for an e-mail interview for their magazine ‘Astronomy & Space’.   Which appeared in the June edition. I’m not going to say much about it, […]

My ‘thing’ is in Playboy now!

Back in December I wrote about the interview (and the looong shoot) I did for the German Playboy, and it finally appeared in the magazine this month!   My German is not that good, but from what I could read (and with a little help from Marcel’s English translation), I think this guy has a […]

I did a podcast and a Joelfeest.

A few weeks ago Ted Judah contacted me about making a podcast about me and my Voorwerp for ‘365 Days Of Astronomy’ and it came out a few days ago. I only heard about it the day before and life got in the way of me ‘blogging’ about it sooner. In a very good way […]

More papers.

In case you haven’t heard yet (and according to my friend Arie that means you’ve been living under a rock the whole of last year), Hanny’s Voorwerp is a major discovery and therefore you could expect some scientific papers about it. The first one is out now…   It was indeed about a year ago […]