Monthly Archives: November 2009


To everyone from France, to the French speaking parts of Belgium, Switzerland and Canada, to Romanians and ‘good day’ to everyone else as well of course. But especially to those who recently found my website.   I apologise in advance, for my small vocabulary in your beautiful language, which means you’ll have to do with […]

One year of…

Informing the whole wide world about Hanny’s Voorwerp. One year of sharing what I’m up to personally and professionally, of getting stuff off my chest and of creativity…   This website went live almost a year ago (‘almost’ as I started writing in November, when I had sorted the domain name, but it wasn’t visible […]

We don’t need no education (like this!)

Previously I wrote about this great science book, which also has a chapter on education, which you can say is kind of my thing. One of the interviews, with prof. dr. Van der Werf, by the same guy who interviewed me, Edo Beerda, should be read by the government, everyone who’s a teacher, goes to […]

“Miss, is your discovery already in books?”

Is what a boy recently asked me. And actually, yes it is! A while ago I was interviewed for a book about scientific experiments, by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and Quest. I recently found my copy in my mailbox.   Obviously I should mention the book here, as my Voorwerp and I […]

ASTRON’s Daily Images

After our recent visit to ASTRON, of which you can read all about in my previous blog, Mike invited me to submit a piece for ASTRON & JIVE’s Daily Image site. Today one of my pictures (of the visit) is their ‘Daily Image’.   But because that picture already appeared on this page (in the […]