I appeared…

…In a few media places by the way. Well, me and/or my Voorwerp. This was during the time I was too busy to blog about it. However, in such cases Twitter is great: it’s quick, easy and if you’re interested, it will keep you updated. Anyway, here’s a few of those places, for the record:


First of all, ‘Accredited Online Colleges’ put me on their list of 100 amazing scientists you should follow on Twitter! I’m in good company there with the well-known Bad Astronomer, astronaut Mike Massimino and the guys from Newbury Astronomy, to name a few!


My discovery was mentioned during a Dutch Easter conference about the influence of the modern media on science, which I heard about through ‘Google alerts’.


I found out (on Twitter again!) that I was part of a puzzle on the well respected Universe Today website. The riddle was: what do the following four woman have in common: Alice, Hanny, Kate and Pamela? That is Alice Sheppard (from the Galaxy Zoo forum), Kate Land (once a Zookeeper) and Pamela Gay, a.k.a. Starstryder. The answer is that the four of us were all interviewed for the She Is An Astronomer project on the Galaxy Zoo blog.


A while ago I was also interviewed for a French astronomy magazine: Ciel et Espace. Below you can see the pictures of that, but I’m afraid you’ll have to be in France and get hold of the magazine to read it (or keep reading this space for news of course!).


And last but certainly not least: the Galaxy Zoo team had some news to share on their blog as well. First there were the UV results from GALEX and more recently the announcement of the Hubble and the XMM-Newton observations!

cieletespace 1cieletespace 2 

Stay tuned…