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National Geographic shot me!

Today, exactly a month ago, I played a model again: I did a photo shoot for the National Geographic magazine.

A while ago, I was asked if I’d like to be featured in their item about people who have discoveries named after them. And if I then had some ideas for the shoot, as the set had to be something related to my discovery. I came up with ASTRON and together with the photographer, Tessa Posthuma de Boer, we decided to do a winter landscape thing. You should check her website by the way – her work is lovely.

Anyway, since I still have days off on Wednesday, I left this foggy and sunny day in Heerlen very early in the morning to spend the whole of that morning in trains. I met up with Tessa, her husband and lovely daughter Zwaan at station Beilen and we started off with lunch at ASTRON’s headquarters. Then Mike took us to the telescopes, where little leftovers of snow reminded us it actually was winter still.

It wasn’t cold though. So while Tessa was setting up her equipment, Zwaan and I jumped over and in puddles of water, of which Mike took some pictures with his mobile phone. It wasn’t a very long shoot and when Tessa – after a couple of hundred clicks – said: ‘last one’, it turned out there actually are photographers who say that only once! We had a lot fun and I’m looking forward to seeing the results!

I actually still have to do the interview, but since it won’t appear in the magazine before the summer, we still have some time for that. It’s the version of the magazine which appears in the Netherlands and in Belgium by the way and I’ll announce it here when it’s out. Meanwhile, here’s one of the pictures Mike took, of me and Zwaan posing (just for fun).

Also, we asked Tessa to take a picture of Mike and I holding William Keel’s Galaxy Zoo sign. You’ve seen this sign before when I held it in London – twice actually. And that’s not the only place it has been! Since Bill took it to New Mexico, it has been travelling with different Zooites to different places and I thought it was about time it would see ASTRON in the Netherlands.

Thanks for the nice day to Tessa and her family and to Mike at ASTRON!