Monthly Archives: April 2010

I found NEMO again

Here’s a quick note of how fun the museum weekend was again.   The Dutch Railway website had warned me for delays, but there weren’t any. The train took me from station Heerlen directly to Amsterdam Central in the planned two and a half hours. And though I did this trip last year, knowing me […]

About the Hubble images of my Voorwerp

As announced earlier, the Hubble Space Telescope recently opened its eyes in the direction of Hanny’s Voorwerp and the nearby galaxy named ‘IC 2497’. The first set of pictures were taken Easter Sunday and appeared in my mailbox not much later than that.   Last Monday, the 12th of April, was the second big day […]

Österreich baby!

I’d planned for this blog to appear earlier, but it took a while to sort the pictures. If you’re not one of my friends wondering how I survived last vacation and/or not up for a story which involves a lot of snow, I advise you to skip it.   I keep having events in my […]

Finding NEMO again

Remember it was ‘museum weekend’ last year around this time? It was in fact the same weekend of the ‘100 hours of astronomy’. And I was asked to represent Galaxy Zoo at science center NEMO in Amsterdam. Since it was a huge success, I said ‘yes’ when I was asked to participate again.   You’re […]


Today it’s Easter Sunday and today’s the day the famous Hubble Space Telescope will start looking in the direction of Hanny’s Voorwerp and its neighbour; galaxy IC 2497!   I promised a lot of people I’d tell them if I had any news, but I’m also pretty sure I told you all to watch this […]