Monthly Archives: July 2010

It’s the end of the year as we know it and I feel fine

Yes, it’s an end of a year for me. And I’d say those July endings are almost always more crucial than the endings of the calendar years in December. Those might have fireworks, but nothing else changes much. My diary goes on, until I and my teacher colleagues ‘close’ the end of a school year. […]

Inauguration of LOFAR by Queen Beatrix

LOFAR is the world’s largest radio telescope. It is an international collaboration with stations in four other European countries and a pathfinder for the Square Kilometre Array. LOFAR is also a sensor network with applications in the areas of geophysics, precision agriculture and ICT.   Said the official invitation I got from the General Director […]

The Story of Hanny, So Far

The following blog post was written by Ann Finkbeiner – a science writer who mostly writes books. It appeard on: Her own site is:   Hanny van Arkel was 24 years old and teaching primary school in Heerlen, the Netherlands. She also played guitar and during summer vacation back in 2007, she was […]