Monthly Archives: January 2011


I’m back in the Netherlands and though my other life needed my attention again too (the one in which I’m a teacher, a friend, a daughter and a student), I’m pleased to say I’m also still not done being ‘an ambassador for science’. I still owe you the scientific explanation of what’s going on with […]

Seattle – The extra day

Tuesday morning, I decided I’d have breakfast at the hotel again. I didn’t actually read the complimentary newspaper before, but since I was taking my time, I thought I’d check up on the local football team. And then I saw my own name in The Seattle Times. It was a funny start of yet another […]

Hanny’s Voorwerp as seen by Hubble!

Beautiful, isn’t it? A scientific explanation and interesting links will follow.

Seattle – The press conference

Since things went a little different than planned, this blog appears later than planned as well. As the whole world already seemed to know quickly, our embargo was broken. Accidentally, but still. This meant we were suddenly very busy before we thought we would be. But it didn’t stop this Monday from turning into a […]

Seattle – The tourist and the VIP

I love it here. It’s a good thing Chris booked my trip for Saturday, so I could be a tourist today and meet up with the AAS-folk in the evening at the welcome reception in the Sheraton hotel. And it was so much fun!   Of course I went up in the Space Needle, where […]