Monthly Archives: February 2011

Winter came all by itself

Just like it will go again to make space for spring. Recent sunbeams have announced the new season already and with those first warm rays I always have a feeling winter won’t return before December. But it is still here. To enjoy too. And I was just thinking that on this day a year ago […]

More Astrofest IV

After staying at Annie’s on the Friday night, we travelled to the conference centre together on the Saturday morning. Annie thinks London suits me. And I have to admit I do love my Oyster card, while I don’t even have the Dutch equivalent of it. Anyway, we were finally going to Astrofest!    Astrofest is […]

Astrofest IV

Though Astrofest itself is older than this, last weekend was our fourth. We – a couple of people who met through the citizen science project Galaxy Zoo – met up for the first time in Kensington London, at this event four years ago and have been making a tradition of it ever since. It’s an […]

Picture of the Month

Inspired by ‘Astronomy Picture Of the Day’, ‘Astron Jive Daily Image’ and the ‘Object of the Day’ on the Galaxy Zoo forum, I just made up this title. Although ‘Picture of the Year’ would probably fit better, as I don’t have plans for posting pictures under this title on a monthly basis. ‘Picture of the […]