Monthly Archives: May 2012

Happy something…

Even though this must be what it feels like when one’s been run over by a truck, and I wish someone could make the lemonade for me now, I did have a nice birthday. It’s okay really, that J and I had said goodbye on this very same day and I would’ve missed her just […]


My best friend passed away this morning. And yeah, I’m posting this on the net. Lots is already and even ‘manic optimistic me’ has days like these. Although I’m not entirely sure what ‘days like these’ means. Anyway, she’s gone forever.   Janey was on a holiday at my mum’s (up north) for a few […]

Plant sperm

I just had to show the following pictures today. They were taken in one of my biology classes, earlier today, when we were examining pollen, i.e. plant’s male gametes, i.e. plant sperm (trust me, it’s funnier that way). My students, a group of twenty-six 13-year-olds, were pleased their only homework for today was bringing in […]

Spring Inside

It’s the 20th of May, on a Sunday morning, and here in Heerlen we already got the first 17 degrees Celsius, of the 23 promised to us for this afternoon. It’s a few minutes past 10am and the light beams knocking on my yet to open balcony door show it’s really accurate to call this […]


I hadn’t announced it in my calendar yet, but last weekend was an official Galaxy Zoo meet-up weekend in Oxford. Me failing to update my calendar properly has everything to do with the fact that in everyday life there’s just too many things to fill it with, which will probably not change before the big […]