Monthly Archives: June 2013

More of the Princess’ Diary (3/3)

Although time really flies when you’re having (this much) fun, I enjoyed every minute of the evening with my lovely friends (almost) all there. They spoiled me with presents as well. I’ve been showing off on my flickr page, where you can see the Queen ‘Days of Our Lives’ and Brian Cox’ Wonders DVDs. I […]

Once upon a time… I turned 30! (2/3)

I toasted to birthdays, as I always liked parties and what better reason to celebrate than the very fact that you’re alive. My gran did a big party like this when she turned 70 and that kind of inspired me. I just thought doing it at 30 would be appropriate; carpe diem and all that. […]

It’s the not so final countdown (1/3)

On the 30th of May this year, I turned 30. Although I kind of celebrated it for a week. Preparations had started months ago, as I wanted to throw a party for everyone who’s dear to me. Friends from abroad would stay the whole weekend. In the days prior to the event I lost my […]