Monthly Archives: July 2013

Another week in London…

After the barbecue and the beachcombing last weekend, both Julianne and Todd stayed over at Geoff’s too and we went to feed the (little) ducks in his pond the morning after. We watched mummy Moorhen bring the bread we threw in for her, to her babies. Then we walked towards one of the nearby stations […]

Beachcombing along the Thames

During the barbecue this weekend, there was a low tide, so Julianne, Annie, the wine, and later also Todd, accompanied me to the beach. I wasn’t aware of all the things you could see along the Thames when you look this closely and we had a great time… There were different kinds and colours of […]

London Yard Barbecue

So I’m staying in Greenwich at Geoff’s this week, who’s one of my Galaxy Zoo friends. Geoff has a lovely (Irish) friend, called Róisín, and she threw a party to which everyone seemed to have been invited. Her name is pronounced like the Dutch word for little rose by the way, which is what the […]

Hoe?Zo! Radio

The interview I did with ASTRON’s general director Mike (which I mentioned earlier) for this science programme, is out now. It’s about the story of my Voorwerp and Galaxy Zoo, but we’re also talking (Citizen) Science in general. It’s in Dutch. And they let us choose two Queen songs. Here you are. 

Vote for the Cover Image of ‘Astronomy and Geophysics’

Maybe you’ve seen this question before on twitter – from me or from one of the other ‘astro people’ you know – but I thought I’d mention it here too. The Zookeepers (the astronomers behind Galaxy Zoo), have selected five images to represent the Zoo on the cover of October’s ‘Astronomy and Geophysics’. You can […]