The launch.

This is like being on stage. I’m in my own comfy home, but everybody who reads my words is going to have an opinion about it. And you never know who’s in the audience. But that’s also exciting.

Welcome to my first blog post. It took some time and energy, but now my website is officially online and exactly the way I want it. Since a little more than a year I’ve experienced that communicating through the internet can be much fun and that’s the main reason I’m doing this. Through earlier conversations in this land of no borders, I met some of my best friends and I’d like to thank them for helping me making it possible to write here.

And before I’m going to write about the Voorwerp mystery – which will be in the ‘discoveries’ category – , before I’m going to give updates about press appearances – which you can find under ‘media’ – and before I’ll make announcements in my calendar (see pages), I’ll look back on some happenings worth mentioning. In the category ‘Galaxy Zoo’, I’ll post about the project in general and stories of get-togethers with other zooites. I also already did a few lectures and I’ve been asked to do some more. Details about that will go in the ‘lectures’ category. Then there is also a ‘private’ one – which doesn’t mean it’s not public – where I’ll write about anything I like. That’s how I’ll start out in any case.

I’d like it very much if you’d share your thoughts with me by leaving a message on the site (in Dutch or in English) or by sending feedback to my e-mailbox for instance, whether we know each other or not – thanks.

This is it for the intro. I’m going to play.