International Year of Astronomy: Certificate of Appreciation!

Last year, 2009, was the International Year of Astronomy. This year, in May, I got a Certificate of Appreciation for my contribution to the events taking place in the light of ‘IYA2009’ and since I thought that was rather cool, and it’s already almost the end of 2010, here it is.

It was a pleasure being part of it and I also enjoyed all the activities happening in ‘Astronomyland’ around me this year. I went to Astrofest with my Galaxy Zoo friends, gave some lectures on my discovery and The Zooniverse, I participated in the She Is An Astronomer conference in London and even chaired the Citizen Science Summit. There was also another event in NEMO, Queen Beatrix officially opened LOFAR and I was a part of ASTRON’s open day.

Furthermore, there were some exciting events around Hanny’s Voorwerp. I saw the first set of Hubble pictures of it (you will have to wait for that until early 2011 still I’m afraid), we launched the comic book about the discovery and there was a lot of press attention. I have done interviews for national TV and radio again and we recently appeared in the New York Times. I also still get reactions to my appearance in the National Geographic!

So here’s to another exciting Year of Astronomy: 2011! And many thanks for the certificate!

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