Competition winners!

First of all, I am very sorry it took a year to announce the winners of our comic competition! All I can say is it was a bit mad behind the scenes. Meanwhile, we’ve updated the comic (with some of the suggestions you readers gave us too) and we have a shiny new website for it.

I also now have a couple of copies to give away – signed – and I’m personally going to make sure I can send the winners their promised prize! As a reminder (‘cause it was some time ago), we asked you about the page where I’m lying on the grass, with cat Curiosity on my right and a laptop and a guitar on my left side. That scene might have happened in the real world as well as the comic, except for one thing.

But before I’m going to announce two people who guessed correctly, I’d like to thank everybody who participated for their creative answers! I especially liked the fact Bill and Alice both immediately replied saying the cat must be what’s wrong in the picture, as I have a dog. That’s what I said to the team at first, but they said cats are better story tellers. (Not in my house though – I now actually have a cat too). Anyway. The answers of Elii and Tsering made me smile as well, as they spotted missing pupils in ‘my’ eyes. Elii thought I must’ve been high on Galaxy Zoo or something. And then there were a couple of you who noticed a spelling error, so thanks for thinking along to all of you too, Daniël, Geoff, Ted, Jean, Zutopian, Rick, Aida, Lisa, Michelle, Gef, Aroel, Voyager, Dick, Dina, Richard, Jiri, Derek, Laadoc, Lance, Michael, Beth, Ron, Waldo, Frin, Karebear, Kat, Hayeside, Marcia, Willman, Amgillard, Chris, Andreas, José and Wallis.

The one thing I saw right away was indeed the fact my guitar didn’t look like Brian May’s Burns (which I have) and besides the fact the colouring was off, you indeed couldn’t play this as the bridge was missing. Check out the images under this blog! Those of you who had ‘the guitar’ in their answers, had their names written down on a piece of paper, which was thrown into two bags (one for the people who commented on this site and one for the people who commented on the Galaxy Zoo blog – I decided we should have two winners) and I picked the winners out with Galaxy Zoo moderator Graham Bowes present as a witness…

And the winners are: Joas and Lizardly!

I’ll contact both of you on the e-mail address you left with your comment. (This announcement is final and no other correspondence will be answered). If you’re not one of the winners you can order your copy on our website for the comic and you wouldn’t be the first to bring it to one of my talks to get it signed. Congratulations Joas and Lizardly!


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