Monthly Archives: August 2012

Hanny’s Voorwerp’s first lustrum!

Yes, it’s indeed already five years since I first asked what that blue smudge in my picture (on GalaxyZoo) was. Five! Years! Time not only just flies, it flies fast. Although it’s ‘only’ been in the media for four years, in most ways it feels even a lot shorter than that. In some it does […]

Jodrell Bank

I was recently chatting to some friends who I’ve met in ‘Astronomyland’. It feels like we’ve known each other a lot more years than we actually have and so I was reminded that some of them weren’t around yet, when a bunch of us took a trip to the Jodrell Bank Observatory in Manchester. I […]

Party in the garden

ASTRON’s general director Mike’s garden, to be more precise. Remember I went to this meet for the new summer students last year? Well here are some pictures from a few days ago, I was ‘tagged’ in, or something. You can see Mike making a speech, Miriam’s lovely dessert and some of the guests having a […]

Heading back

After all the excitement in England (which I’ve been writing about lately) I had to head back home with the ferry. Home to more things to do. But there was also still space to hold on to that holiday feeling. Especially since the ferry did kind of feel like a nice cruise. And with this […]

Another notable Zoo meeting

Since the past 5 years already (!) we can’t let a summer go by without meeting up somewhere in London. By ‘we’ I evidently mean the group of friends I got to know through Galaxy Zoo. Usually, we crash the Royal Astronomical Society picnic around this time, but the Olympics got in the way of […]