Last Tuesday was a mad day. I even asked on twitter if anybody could clone me as I had to be in four different places at the same time. So at the end of it, I was happy to be home. Then I got an e-mail from the organisers of Pecha Kucha (the event I spoke at twice), asking if I would like to present their next event… this Wednesday. As in, the next day. Although as a teacher I’m used to talking in front of groups, they didn’t ask me for my presenting experience. I have none. But my English is fluent and it needed to be done in English.

Two facts about me: 1) I like being spontaneous. 2) I dislike doing things unprepared. But I guess people just know I find it rather impossible to say ‘no’. So I gave in because I figured it would be a great adventure, after they promised they would give me some background information on the speakers (as I didn’t have any time to research myself). The next day after work, I headed to the Royal Theaters in my hometown, Heerlen. Upon arrival I said hi to everybody I saw, after which I turned into a less social state. I started making cards.

There was no time for rehearsals, so we all jumped into the deep end. In front of the lions. (Is that a saying in English too?) After I had opened the show and took place in the audience to see our first guest, I remembered how this was the first theatre ever, my parents took me to. And how cool it is to have been invited on stage (yesterday!) for this evening. Even though I had to focus on presenting, I enjoyed the talks. Aline Ploeg promoted the vegan lifestyle, Joery Wilbers Passed The Music On and youngest speaker ever Marieke Peters showed us she actually brings creativity alive.

After the show I commented that I might consider a career change. You know, teacher, Voorwerp-finder, presenter… I’ll just do ALL the things! I seriously have already been asked if I’d be interested to exert my apparent presenting skills at another well-known event (!) But if life takes a different course, I had fun tonight. Right. And this is it from me. If you’d like to watch videos of our guests tonight, please visit the Pecha Kucha website and hopefully I’ll see you at another event soon. Goodnight!

(Pictures by Bert Janssen).