Dear Sir/Madam,

Oi! I mean, good day! If you’re one of my regular readers and you’ve spotted the new ‘English’ category, you might wonder what that is about as this site has been in English from the start (five whole years ago!) Well, I’m officially an English student these days. For those wondering: I haven’t given up on biology; I still love it. But for my next diploma I’m going to concentrate on the English language. You Brits have done a great job teaching me these last few years (thanks!) but let’s just say it’s time to make it all a bit more official. (This doesn’t mean you can’t point out errors anymore – on the contrary!)

So why does this announcement need a whole new category? It doesn’t. One of the assignments for this course however is… to make a website, hah! And instead of starting all over again (which is a lot of fun, but also takes a lot more time then I have unfortunately), I decided I could just put everything on here. It’s a part of my life now anyway and one of the reasons I started this website is because many journos wanted to know what my life is like…

Not much will change on here though; normal service on astrostuff will also continue. I just need the category, because I have to put some of my assignments on the web. This means that some updates might be a bit random, which could be rather interesting too. Just so you know. Thanks for sticking around.

Yours truly,

Picture taken by me, on one of the first (of many) times I’ve been to London.


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