After the – if I say so myself – big success of the cultural event at our school last year, my colleague Bas and I had been looking forward to organising another edition. This year we’d have a theme and with the show being on Valentine’s Day, guess what that was! I had told my boyfriend I’d be working this Friday, all day and all evening, which would be our first Valentine’s Day. But since neither of us is too bothered about the date, he’d just come to the concert. He later told me he had had a great night out. And although it’s always hard word – so did I. Thanks to our talented students and colleagues and all the help we got, it was another success. I love taking care of ten things simultaneously and in the meantime find time to give the nervous artists a pep talk. I love even more how they come off stage, feeling very confident about their act.
This is what you’ve missed:

Don’t worry, it was part of his beat-box act.

We had candlelight! Feel the looove, tee hee.

During the sound check.

A couple of students sold themed cupcakes!

We had an exhibition of artwork too.

Teachers’ room turned into dressing room.

One of our lovely presenters, who rather professionally made her own cards this year! Here she’s all ready to queue for dinner when she let me take a picture wearing those shoes.

Rehearsing their own cup song medley in the dressing room.

Our very own Lady Gaga; born that way. What an attitude.

Guess which song I sang?! Posing here with the lovely Kiki.

The audience! #cultaverde

My girlband! From left to right: Kiki, Lara, Noëlle, Miss Van Arkel, Amy and Lisa. We did a mix of both Sam Cooke’s and Art Garfunkel’s version of Wonderful World.

At the end of the gig, our boss had everybody back on stage for the curtain call, when Amy (the lovely presenter who had done her job as we discussed all evening) suddenly put the spotlight on Bas and me. How sweet?!