Monthly Archives: July 2014

Space Recipes Finale

More pictures of this day can be seen on my Flickr page. They were taken by Kayleigh Kölker, Joey Roelands, Roel Witvers and yours truly.  Remember the space recipes contest? Two of my students won the first round and were invited to the finale! This would take place at ASTRON, the Netherlands Institute for Radio […]

Scheire en de Schepping – the Book!

“Do you crave knowledge and information endlessly? Do you need some securities in life? Don’t look any further: this book has the solution.” Says the blurb on the back of the new book ‘Scheire en de Schepping’. It goes on where the TV show (which is like the British QI) stops. And it does just […]


(Scroll down for more pictures).  A few months ago, I received a very official looking invitation to speak at this year’s TEDxGhent event. Cool, I thought, I didn’t have one of those on my CV yet. So I said yes. Loads of information followed, including deadlines, rehearsal days and an invitation from a speaker coach! […]

My Students visiting De Sterrenwacht

More pictures of these events can be seen on my Flickr page.  One of my colleagues recently asked me if I knew who to contact at Sterrenwacht Limburg to discuss a school trip to the science centre. And so the Brunssummerheide forest, where it is located, became my ‘office’ for a few days. We had […]

Goodbye We Will Rock You

It wasn’t just a title. It was a promise. And they have kept that promise for 12 years. They really have rocked millions of people including me on several occasions. Starting back in that summer of 2005. When I came back to London in 2008 (after discovering the Voorwerp) I also went back to see […]