Scheire en de Schepping – the Book!

Scheire 01

“Do you crave knowledge and information endlessly? Do you need some securities in life? Don’t look any further: this book has the solution.” Says the blurb on the back of the new book ‘Scheire en de Schepping’. It goes on where the TV show (which is like the British QI) stops. And it does just what it says on the tin. It shares interesting stories and scientific facts in an understandable and entertaining way. This accompanied with many nice graphics.

It’s written in Dutch by the Belgian team behind the TV show on which I made an appearance last year. I was interviewed for this book too and so my story is one of the thought-provoking facts mentioned in it. I do believe Lieven is a fan of the Zooniverse’ projects. (I also read this interview in a magazine my dad brought me). This book is so interesting though, that I just started to read the other chapters before checking out ‘my bit’.

So I can wholeheartedly recommend this book (to anyone who can read Dutch)! Lieven signed my copy at the recent TEDxGhent event, which I’m showing off below…

Scheire 02

Scheire 03

Scheire 04

Scheire 05

Scheire 06

Scheire 07


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