My Ice Bucket Challenge


If you’ve spent any time on the net this summer, I’m sure you’re aware of the Ice Bucket Challenge trend. You might even be one of those who are annoyed by it. Well, here’s mine.

As I explain in my video below, I found out about it first through Anthony Carbajal – you can see his video below mine. Like many others worldwide, Anthony has ALS and his video went viral with the message ‘if you just watch one challenge, make it this one’. It indeed inspired me to participate.

I didn’t dive in unprepared; I read about the disease and the challenge first and I think this is a great idea to raise awareness and money. In between uploading my video and writing this, I have made a donation and you can do so too at:

Apparently, those who criticise the challenge are worried about their favourite charity and even about the water we have wasted by throwing it on our heads. As for the first argument, I can tell you that I support other charities too and as for the second: I’m skipping my shower today, so there.

I also mention in my video that so far I’ve only seen one of my friends (Brian May) doing the challenge (while I was still waiting for my ice cubes to freeze) and with this I’m sharing his video below too. I hope many of you reading this will follow our example and I hope a cure will be found soon.