Het logboek

Remember the space recipes contest? And how the winners would end up in the book Anke den Duyn was writing? Well said book is out now and it’s called: “Het logboek”. As participants of the contest, my students and I were sent a copy and we’ve been reading it together since.

Even though Anke had promised me the copies, it was a lovely surprise to find a box delivered for me at my school. The contest was right before the summer break, which means that the second year students who had sent in their space recipe are now all in different third year groups. So I got to be Saint Nic, handing out these books. The teacher in me loved how this had lots of others interested in books suddenly as well! “Why are they getting a copy of this book? What’s the book about, ma’am?”

It’s about three teenagers, who are spending their last week of the summer holiday camping in the forest in Dwingeloo. That’s right: the same place ASTRON – the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy – is located. Mysterious things happen here and together with the help of new friends and the telescope, they might actually discover something… Meanwhile, you’ll learn a lot of science and history of this particular part of the Netherlands.

Since I showed both my students Kayleigh and Joey the telescope when we were at ASTRON for the final contest, they loved reading about it in the book. Personally I thought it was a lot of fun to have Kayleigh tell me she’s already a chapter ahead of me and that she thought it was very exciting. Joey also commented that he liked the writing style and that you’re sucked into the story from the start.

So we’re giving it good reviews. And even though ‘we’ didn’t win the contest, it was also nice to see little references to the recipes Joey and Kayleigh had sent in. Thanks, Anke!



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