Symposium ‘Open Access: the new beginning?’

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Pictures taken by myself, except where stated otherwise.

Last month I was invited to speak at this symposium ‘Open Access: the new beginning?’ in Amsterdam, for which I prepared a talk on how open access the Zooniverse is. Of course I explained why I was there, as a citizen scientist (and how I became a comic book hero; Dutch people always love that title), but the Zoo really is a good example of how science can be shared.

Obviously, the data is open to classify for anyone, but the results are as well. Papers from the various Zooniverse projects are published on the main page, where they’re free to view by anyone. Besides this, the analysed data is open, once it’s been reduced and according to Chris: “All the code from our projects is being made open source.” I learned something new with that last bit of information too!

After my talk, every speaker in that session was invited to take part in the discussion panel, talking about how we can achieve more open access. And after that I spoke to Tim Cardol, who published bits of our conversation on Science Guide. I also had an interesting conversation with Christian from the university of Amsterdam about the humanity projects.

I love how attending such meetings teaches me new things and I love meeting interesting people. I also love (sunny) Amsterdam and did I mention I love being a citizen science ambassador? And life, life in general, I love that too. It was certainly another day worth travelling for. The symposium took place in the Oude Lutherse Kerk by the way, which was a lovely venue.

It was also just around the corner from the American Book Center, which – by a nice coincidence – a friend of mine in England had just mentioned to me on an unrelated matter. So I had to take a look and look below who I ran into! These pictures are not all mine, so thanks again to the photographers for letting me use them and thanks to the organisers for inviting me!

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Picture with kind permission of Monique Kooijmans

Picture with kind permission of Monique Kooijmans

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Picture with kind permission of Jos Damen