Astrofest 2015

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With the sun over the water on a train over a bridge, with music in my own bubble, I can almost cry at the beauty of life. I kid you not. It was one of those breath-taking big orange ball sunsets, of which I couldn’t have taken a picture that would do it justice, while I was on my way to Astrofest for the 8th time. Steven and I met in Hook of Holland, where we had dinner in the harbour before we boarded the ferry. On the other end, there was a coach to London instead of a train, but it was a smooth trip and I even remembered the route to the venue from Kensington High Street.

I had forgotten my tickets to Astrofest, but the lovely organisers remembered I had been a speaker a few years back, so there wasn’t a problem. The sun was shining and it was a beautiful weekend. Steven and I first paid a visit to Robin from Canopus books. He gave me an awesome book, which I started reading right away (I will show you the book later). Then we met up with Graham and the boys had a look around all the astronomy toys. We said hi to Emily and Dave, Mandy and Ian and we found Todd lurking around the stalls too.

The pub we usually go to for lunch had changed their interior a bit, but it was still a lovely place and it was another cosy gathering of friends. Old and new. (Tom, it was great to meet you and I’m looking forward to catching up over Skype soon). Unfortunately we missed a few talks, but the venue was packed nonetheless. I especially liked the talk about Rosetta’s Comet and how it showed us the anatomy of the ‘duck’ (and that it would float on water too). Another very important mention was Asteroid Day (and I loved how people were asking about Brian, while he’s still touring of course).

A personal highlight was the lovely women at the stand of AstroCymru. They sold beautiful astronomy jewellery to support their work of visiting schools to teach kids about our planet and what else is out there. Steven (and I) especially loved their ‘down to earth’ box, in which they kept real fossils. I held a real vertebra of an Iguanodon dinosaur and a real meteorite. Steven, being a dinosaur fan, told the lady a few facts she didn’t know yet and I loved her enthusiasm!

Before we went for dinner, I had checked into the nearby hotel (where three men complemented me about the bag my mum had made, ha ha). The evening gathering was lovely too (not in the least because Annie gave free massages to us all). We managed to find a cosy pub, with a funny guy serving us and it was concluded that this was all we needed on a desert island. All in all, it was truly great to be over for Astrofest again and I already look forward to the next one!

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We took the ferry out

2 IMG_9501
Aw. Teddy bears on the road in Kensington.

3 IMG_9503
That’s okay, Central Line, WWRY has closed anyway.

4 IMG_9514
Lovely view from our hotel

9 IMG_7314
Me and the lovely Robin from Canopus Books

10 IMG_7324
Reading from my new book (more soon)

11 IMG_7333
Holding a real Iguanodon vertebra!

12 IMG_7336
And a real meteorite!

Lucie did a great job!

My pal Brian was sort of there anyway.

Steven and I captured by Graham.

The boyriend.

18 IMG_7339
Lunch with the Galaxy Zoo gang

19 IMG_7347
Dinner with the Galaxy Zoo gang

20 IMG_7350
Including weird faces…

21 20150207_195758
And free massages!

22 IMG_9691
The beautiful astronomy jewellery

24 IMG_9530
Bye London!

25 IMG_9545
Clouds from the other side, flying back

26 IMG_9559
The Dutch shore in sight.


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