Valentine’s Holiday

20150214_092955 - kopie

Officially it’s the carnival break, but even though I live in Limburg, I usually skip that tradition. I never really did Valentine’s Day either, but it is nice to get Fifty Red Roses, of course (and I did surprise Steven too). Mostly I’m just glad to have the week off though. I am very happy with the new job, teaching English, and I’m also pleased to say another exam week as a student myself was successful (I thank you all). But now it’s time to catch up. On work (I should’ve put “holiday” in ironic quotation marks, I guess), mail (I will answer yours soon), on music… and also on showing some pictures here of a couple of events I recently paid a visit to…

(Some of you already noticed on twitter; I have one of those necklaces with which one can spell their name. I know it’s for twelve year olds, but Steven bought it for me – as a joke – and I decided to wear it anyway. I used it to spell the events I went to recently, so these give an indication of what I should still blog about…)


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