Media update!

I’m going to start another message here with “I’ve been meaning to show you…”. I’ve been meaning to show you these media appearances for a while and while I was saving some of these links, the list grew longer. So just for the record: here’s where my Voorwerp showed up lately.

I was asked to write a short bit for the American ‘Astronomy’ magazine, which would feature a whole article about some of the Hubble Space Telescope’s most successful stories. It’s in the April 2015 issue and you can see my contribution below, which they titled “From the classroom to pop culture”.

After my TED talk, I was also interviewed for the TED blog. This was called “Meet the accidental astronomer who inspired a comic book”. I was also interviewed by Telescope, an online magazine, which interestingly enough has not much to do with astronomy. They “exist to tell the stories of real-life heroes” and you can find mine on their website. Then there was another exotic appearance on a Finnish website, which I always think is rather cool. And there was the German radio interview, for which I spoke a bit of German for the first time too.

I also got an e-mail last month to notify me we’ll be mentioned in the Dutch Zenit magazine of May and we got a mention on Free Star Charts. Thank you, to everyone for these shout outs and for telling me about them. I appreciate it.




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