A little announcement

In 2007 I discovered a Voorwerp. In 2013 I lectured about said Voorwerp and I met my partner. In October 2015…

Aankondiging 2 - kopie (3)

We’re expecting a baby boy! Here is the little bug. I underestimated how exhausting it is for a female body to make a baby (I mean, the process after fertilisation). Then there was also the scary weeks of being diagnosed with a rare but life-threatening infection, for which I’m seeing experts in Belgium now. We seem okay, just very very tired (and that’s the reason I haven’t answered your e-mail yet! Sorry!) This blog won’t turn into a pregnancy/baby blog, but an occasional announcement like this seems appropriate, I think.


Oh and thanks for all your enthusiastic messages, cards and gifts so far. Even all of those who spilled the beans on flipping Facebook before I was ready to do so. Yes, I can laugh about it now.


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