Throwback Thursday: CULTAVERDE 2015

As the title suggests (and as I mentioned before) I’m going to share a few things from this past year, which I haven’t been able to show earlier due to being too busy with life itself (and creating a new life). The first event I think I should mention in this online diary, is the annual school concert CULTAVERDE.

Amy and I doing “Sweet Goodbyes”

Although I had stopped teaching right after the auditions, I was determined to guide our artists until the final night of the show and it was as rewarding as the former two editions. We had many first year students this year and it was great to see their courage. And attitude: Noëlla blew us away with her ‘All About That Bass’ and Shania’s ‘The Climb’ had me teary-eyed.

“You can check out any time you like but you can never leave”

We also had dance acts (with surprising cool masks), our Singing Sisters took part again and we had a new wild duo: Silvana and Silvana. Our own ‘The Voice – Kids’ contestants sang ‘Everything Has Changed’ together and I also managed to get a few of my colleagues on stage to do ‘Hotel California’ – more or less spontaneously, which was a lot of fun.

The boss calling us back on stage.

At the end of the evening, my partner in organising-crime Bastiaan and I had a few ‘thankyous’ we needed to say. To all our colleagues for their support and also to all the lovely students who worked so hard; backstage as well. Sadly, our presenting duo was about to graduate, so we had to look for new talent. Fortunately, they both had their little brother and sister in school now and the talent runs in the family!

Our students thanking us!

So I was a very proud teacher again. We had a great time. The funniest moment for me was when we found a mother’s driver’s licence, which she had forgotten on a table ‘backstage’. As we announced on stage that the owner could ask for it back in the break, one of my students whispered to me: “That’s my mum! Now do you understand why I keep forgetting my books and stuff?!”

The amazing presenters!

And we thought that was that. We had organised the event and it had gone as planned. Our head teacher had thanked everyone for coming, but then the participating students took over to thank us for giving them this stage. They had planned it together all along, without us knowing; we got flowers and even a custom-made winning cup. A night to remember.


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