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Well, sort of. If you want to read more, ‘my story’ is pretty much in my stories on the blog part of this website. But by lack of having a proper profile on any site, here are some random facts.



I’ve been called ‘Hanna’, ‘Hanneke’ and ‘Juffie’ before. These days my English friends call me ‘HH’, which stands for ‘Hanny Honey’ (or ‘Honey Hanny’, you don’t hear the difference in pronunciation).


May 30, 1983 in Brunssum (The Netherlands).


I graduated in 2007 from Zuyd University in Heerlen as ‘Bachelor of Education’. I’m a teacher, in other words. I always wanted to do something meaningful with my life and I think helping young people to learn is a way to do that. I always loved going to school myself as well, education is a good thing. I started out as a primary school teacher, but nowadays I enjoy teaching (mainly) English at the CITAVERDE College in Heerlen.


Enjoying life, as cliché as that may sound. I do this by going for walks, I like good conversations and chatting with friends and I also have a passion for music and besides listening to it, I play guitar myself. I row and I cycle, I love taking pictures and writing stories and of course ‘astronomy’ is a big part of my life these days as well.


My parents divorced when I was 12, but all is ‘pais en vree’. We haven’t been in touch with my mum’s side of the family much and my dad’s parents are both deceased. My dad has a few siblings, of which I’m in touch with his twin and youngest brother. The latter is the father of my cousins Randy and Valesca. There are a few pictures of them on this site, in the ‘private’ category.


I grew up with lots of them. Currently it’s my German Shepherd Janey and my cat Poes who keep me company.


Queen, Brian May, The Eagles, The Beatles, U2, Bon Jovi, Madonna, Alanis Morissette, Simon & Garfunkel, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, Genesis, Guns n’ Roses….


Mostly ‘romcoms’, thrillers and Disney even. My all time favourite is Jurassic Park. On TV I watch ‘GTST’ (or online, if I’ve missed it, I admit) and if I have time (haha) CSI.


Some of my favourite writers are those who write literature for children, like Jacques Vriens, Carry Slee, Francine Oomen, Anke de Vries and Paul Biegel. And I like books from which you can learn something, such as ‘Bang! – The complete history of the Universe’ by Brian May, Patrick Moore and Chris Lintott. Current favourite would probably be The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.


Fruit. I love fruit. I eat lots of it pure, during the day, but also love it in dinner dishes like sweet and sour rise (with pineapple). I rarely eat meat and if I do, it’s organic and I can’t understand why someone would want to eat an onion. Furthermore, I don’t have a microwave and cook almost every day.


Water (that sparkles), tea with milk (the English way) and fruit juices without added sugar (such a waste of taste). I don’t like the flavor of coffee and alcoholic drinks much (I do love the smell), but I’m funny enough without it.


I’ve been to France (Paris) and thought it was lovely. I love living in the Netherlands and I consider England to be my second home, sort of. In Germany and Belgium I don’t really feel like ‘being abroad’, as they are so close, and I always considered Ireland special. I’ve been to Italy, Croatia, the US (Seattle) and Switzerland (Montreux) too and will see wherever the wind takes me next…

Silly facts?

I like ladybugs. And frogs and ducks. I have four pair of jeans which are identical, I love jeans but I don’t like shopping that much. I love the beach. I’m an obsessive optimist. And an annoying perfectionist. My favourite colour is probably blue, I support the WWF and two other charities and I generally wish minutes would go by like hours.