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Life imitating art

The other day, Bill (who’s doing the lead on our Hubble Voorwerp paper) e-mailed me a couple of pictures, which I thought you, my readers, would like to see too.   With the first he wrote: “I went to the Texas Star Party to give a presentation on the Zooniverse, and was hoping to get […]

The Elephant Parade

Amsterdam, Antwerp, London. And this year: Copenhagen, Milan and Singapore. And Heerlen. The Elephant Parade’s in Heerlen! Raising awareness (and money) for the Asian elephants in need of our help, in such a beautiful way. I’ve been a fan ever since I more or less accidentally bumped into the colourful collection of art elephants in […]

Zoo creativity

I’ve been meaning to show you this for a while actually. Zooites – as the group of Galaxy Zoo volunteers on the Galaxy Zoo forum are called – have started to express their creativity in ‘Zoo limericks’ and one of them is about my discovery. The author, David, wrote that meeting me in Greenwich on […]

More Voorwerp Art

Not that long ago I invited everyone to share their Voorwerp-inspired art with me and a guy called Harald Weiche did that. He e-mailed and gave me permission to share this, so here’s his addition to the gallery…  

I feel a returning theme coming on

Hanny’s Voorwerp seems to have inspired a few creative people already. There was Lars’ drawing of me in space and more recently the view of a group of eight year olds on ‘the frog in space’. I also stumbled across a poem about my discovery a while ago and of course there’s our own comic […]