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Het logboek

Remember the space recipes contest? And how the winners would end up in the book Anke den Duyn was writing? Well said book is out now and it’s called: “Het logboek”. As participants of the contest, my students and I were sent a copy and we’ve been reading it together since.   Even though Anke […]

Night of the Night

We’ve been turning our lights off in the Netherlands to raise awareness for light pollution, for a couple of years now on ‘De Nacht van de Nacht’. This ‘Night of the Night’ coincides with the night we change our clocks an hour back from summer time, so there is more night. It’s an initiative from […]

Space Recipes Finale

More pictures of this day can be seen on my Flickr page. They were taken by Kayleigh Kölker, Joey Roelands, Roel Witvers and yours truly.  Remember the space recipes contest? Two of my students won the first round and were invited to the finale! This would take place at ASTRON, the Netherlands Institute for Radio […]

My Students visiting De Sterrenwacht

More pictures of these events can be seen on my Flickr page.  One of my colleagues recently asked me if I knew who to contact at Sterrenwacht Limburg to discuss a school trip to the science centre. And so the Brunssummerheide forest, where it is located, became my ‘office’ for a few days. We had […]

Het Limburgweekend

More pictures of this weekend can be seen on my Flickr page.  It’s probably not hard to guess the meaning of the title; it says ‘The Limburg Weekend’. A weekend in the province of Limburg. Now, I live there, so I spend a lot of weekends in Limburg (about 26 of them a year, since […]