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I have a bug

Several, actually. After my recent visit to Amsterdam, I travelled on to Zwolle, where I’m still studying biology too. One of the teachers was clearing out a cupboard this Saturday afternoon and he found a couple of bugs. Collected by a student back in the nineties (according to her notes – I think it was […]

Got my P.

I am quite proud of this. The ‘P’ being the propaedeutic diploma of the biology course I’m doing (next to my full time day job as a teacher and all the citizen science ambassador stuff). It’s only an expensive piece of paper which says you’ve finished the first year of the education, so it doesn’t […]

Snapshot Serengeti

“Nááááánts ingonyamááá…” I always loved the Lion King and that Circle of Life intro is probably the best start to a film ever, if you ask me. That line they keep singing means so much as ‘here comes a lion’, I’ve been told, and there are a few lions coming your way indeed. A couple […]

Buzzzy Be

This is another I-am-still-living-the-life-of-three-people update. But I’m also enjoying it as much as three people together would, so it’s still great to be a teacher, a student, an ambassador and have a social life as well.   I’m all settled again at school and new classes are finding out about my ‘discovery fame’. A new […]

Can’t get enough of Schier island (5/5)

Weekend: the extra night  The farm was for groups, but the island is very suitable for smaller groups of tourists too of course. I had thought I’d want to stay one more night, to relax, but also to work on some of the reports while on the island still. I’d also thought I’d be the […]