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Frequent readers of this place know I’ve used this platform a couple of times before to raise awareness on important issues (other than astronomy, biology, education, music, photography and life). I’ve also been tweeting, with Dr. Brian May, about the welfare of wildlife and although I’m sure most of you know about the situation British […]

A Neutron Walks into a Bar…

So you thought twitter was cool?! Did you know ‘it’ wrote a book? I don’t mean the founders of twitter, but the tweeple – who share their stories in no more than 140 characters on a daily basis. So this book is like a paper timeline, a collection of favourite tweets between hardcovers. And that’s […]

Little Brown Dog

As you probably all know, it was Queen’s guitarist and astrophysicist Dr. Brian May (who I admire for his memorable music), who encouraged me to be an amateur astronomer. What I want to show next is not about either of those though. I consider Brian a hero also, and maybe mainly, because of his work […]

The Elephant Parade

Amsterdam, Antwerp, London. And this year: Copenhagen, Milan and Singapore. And Heerlen. The Elephant Parade’s in Heerlen! Raising awareness (and money) for the Asian elephants in need of our help, in such a beautiful way. I’ve been a fan ever since I more or less accidentally bumped into the colourful collection of art elephants in […]

London baby!

Yes, I knew it would be soon before I travelled to the beautiful capital of the United Kingdom again – by train this time and for the third time this year. Reason now was my uncle Willem (dad’s twin brother) winning the trip and needing an ‘experienced London guide’.   Me! Yeah, the few times […]