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The Second Month

FEBRUARY was the month of meeting a Superb Owl and if you can get the chance to try something new, you should do it eh! There was also more work, a few interviews, carnival at the college and family birthday parties. And of course, February is the month of AstroFest London (one of the Events […]

Project 365

If you’ve been here more often, you probably know I started this website to have all the Hanny’s Voorwerp info in one place, to show how (not so) glam my life is since discovering it and to answer all the questions interested readers send to me. While I’m here, I also made a ‘pictures’ category […]

Yeah, Carpe Diem

The other night, I was at a cold station somewhere in the middle of everywhere, on my own, and I was just thinking how life is good. Time is still flying by way too fast though and I probably will never get it. In fact, 2012, where are you running off to? There’s only a […]

Buzzzy Be

This is another I-am-still-living-the-life-of-three-people update. But I’m also enjoying it as much as three people together would, so it’s still great to be a teacher, a student, an ambassador and have a social life as well.   I’m all settled again at school and new classes are finding out about my ‘discovery fame’. A new […]

Heading back

After all the excitement in England (which I’ve been writing about lately) I had to head back home with the ferry. Home to more things to do. But there was also still space to hold on to that holiday feeling. Especially since the ferry did kind of feel like a nice cruise. And with this […]