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Space recipes competition

Remember I was asked to be a jury member for this space recipes competition? Although I’d still love to do this, I am probably working on the day of the announcement of the winners. So I thought, if I’m not judging any recipes, then why not give this as an assignment to my own students? […]


After the – if I say so myself – big success of the cultural event at our school last year, my colleague Bas and I had been looking forward to organising another edition. This year we’d have a theme and with the show being on Valentine’s Day, guess what that was! I had told my […]


CULTAVERDE is the ‘show-ALL-the-talent’ eve at the CITAVERDE College, where I’m a teacher. The year is added because it was such a success we’ve already decided to make it an annual event. We had invited all students and colleagues to participate and show their art. There was an audition to make sure we only had […]

Got my P.

I am quite proud of this. The ‘P’ being the propaedeutic diploma of the biology course I’m doing (next to my full time day job as a teacher and all the citizen science ambassador stuff). It’s only an expensive piece of paper which says you’ve finished the first year of the education, so it doesn’t […]

Student’s Art

One of my excellent students, Kiki Rompen (second year Dutch class), has made this drawing of me, for me. Very striking eh?! I promised to show her talent to the world, via this medium, as obviously I’m a proud teacher. We’re also going to present her creativity and that of others – students and colleagues […]