December 2009

05th | Sinterklaas weekend.
21st | Holiday!


November 2009

17th | Djembe workshop.
18th | hannysvoorwerp.com’s first birthday.
30th | Dotastronomy Leiden (u-streamed).

October 2009


23rd | Going to see Tim Minchin in London!
24th | To the Natural History Museum in London.
26th | Autumn break.

30th | Special Galaxy Zoo meet-up at ASTRON!


September 2009


12th | Lecture in Eindhoven for CAMRAS, 11.00.
17th | Launch of the She Is An Astronomer forum.


August 2009

02nd | Royal Astronomical Society picnic in London.
07th | Lunch in Richmond park, London.
08th | Visiting the Isle of Wight.
09th | To the Blue Reef Aquarium Portsmouth.
15th | Seeing We Will Rock You again!
16th | Galaxy Zoo meet-up in London.
19th | Conference/workshop about ‘citizen science’ in London.
22nd | Get-together in the Union, London.

July 2009

24th | Summer Holiday!

June 2009


15th | Lecture in Dublin, Ireland!

17th | Lecture in Letterkenny, Ireland!

21st | Galaxy Zoo meet-up in Oxford.

29th | Lecture at Zuyd University.


May 2009


01st | Driving test.

09th | Meeting minister Timmermans and Vincent Icke in Middelburg, 04.35 (am!)

11th | Launch of the ‘Hubble repair mission’.

15th | The Playboy issue with my interview is available (June edition)!

21st | The ‘365 Days of Astronomy’ podcast about Hanny’s Voorwerp is out.

23rd | To ‘Joelfeest’ in Theater Kerkrade, 20.00.

30th | Becoming 26 years old. 


April 2009


01st | Interview for ‘Didactief’.
02nd | To the ‘Musik Messe’ in Frankfurt, Germany.

03rd | To Amsterdam for the ‘IYA2009 Event’ in NEMO.

27th | Maybreak!


March 2009


10th | Started Tweeting.
13th | Edd visiting me.

16th | Becoming a mummy three weeks from now (of 24 little chickens that is!)


February 2009


07th | Galaxy Zoo meet-up at Astrofest, London!

18th | Lecture in Schimmert.

23th | Springbreak!


January 2009


08th | New year’s reception at the city hall of Heerlen.

24th | Lecture at science centre Explorion for ‘Galileo’, 14.00.

30th | Lecture for ‘Halley’ in Heesch, 20.00.