December 2010

5th | Sinterklaas weekend!
16th | Christmas-inn at school
18th | To Berlin

November 2010
28th | To ‘Lord of the Dance’

October 2010
13th | Broadcast of my interview on channel NED2, 18.25h.
17th | Holiday to Italy and Croatia!
24th | Open day at ASTRON

September 2010

02nd | Participating in the Citizen Cyberscience summit in London
03rd | Start school year 2010-2011
03rd | Launch of the comic ‘Hanny & the mystery of the Voorwerp’!
04th | To We Will Rock You, Utrecht

August 2010

01st | Royal Astronomical Society picnic in London
02nd | Interview at the BBC World Service radio studios in London
06th | Visiting the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science in The Hague

July 2010

08th | Graduation evening
13th | Open stage event
15th | Barbecue with colleagues
16th | End of schoolyear 2009-2010
20th | Shoot for Weller magazine (part 2)

June 2010

10th | Schooltrip to Phantasialand, Germany
12th | Inauguration of LOFAR by Queen Beatrix
25th | Interview for Radio 1 (Netherlands)
26th | Lecture for Omega Centauri in Wilnis

May 2010

03rd | May Holiday
07th | Photoshoot at Science Center eXplorion
08th | To London for world premiére of Prince of Persia
20th | Interview for Wetenschap24
30th | 27th Birthday

April 2010

04th | The Hubble will take the first picture of Hanny’s Voorwerp!
11th | Galaxy Zoo event at NEMO, Amsterdam
14th | ‘Galabal’ (‘prom’) for our last year students
22nd | Start She Is An Astronomer conference in London!

March 2010

10th | Lecture for dr. Aletta Jacobs College in Groningen
11th | (Late) Carnival ball at school
12th | Day out with colleagues
13th | Joelfeest in theatre Kerkrade

February 2010

07th | Astrofest London!
15th | Skiing in Austria!
24th | Interview and shoot for National Geographic at ASTRON!

January 2010

11th | Start working at Citaverde College
13th | To the theatre
24th | Zoë’s party
30th | Open day at school