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Revealing Hanny’s Voorwerp: radio observations of IC 2497
Galaxy Zoo: ‘Hanny’s Voorwerp’, a quasar light echo?
Hanny’s Voorwerp Evidence of AGN activity and nuclear starburst in central regions of IC2497
The sudden death of the nearest quasar
Hanny’s Voorwerp: a nuclear starburst in IC2497
The History and Environment of a Faded Quasar: Hubble Space Telescope observations of Hanny’s Voorwerp and IC 2497

From the Galaxy Zoo Blog:


What’s the blue stuff below?

More on the Voorwerp

The mystery of the Voorwerp deepens

Voorwerp fever

Another Zoo meet-up, and a Zoo celebrity meets some of the team

What’s an astronomers favourite birthday gift?

Galaxy Zoo paper update

The ghost of a black hole: Hanny’s Voorwerp in the news

Galaxy Zoo on Sky at Night

Hanny’s Voorwerp on tour – part 1

Hanny’s Voorwerp on tour – part 2

37,000 Seconds of XMM-Newton time

Getting observing time

Galaxy Zoo gets observing time: The high energy universe as seen by the ‘Red Bird’

Getting ready for some hard X-ray observing…
Suzaku Observations of IC2497/Hanny’s Voorwerp Completed
New from the Zoo – Gas Clouds around Active Galactic Nuclei (voorwerpjes)
Voorwerps Everywhere (Galaxy Zoo: ‘Hanny’s Voorwerp’, a quasar light echo?)
New hunt – Help uncover AGN Clouds (voorwerpjes)
Hubble, meet Galaxy Zoo, Galaxy Zoo, meet Hubble
He said that they said that he said…
Unveiling Hanny’s Voorwerp – One step at a time
UV(oorwerp) from Space
Hubble observations – any week now!
Who’s looking at the Voorwerp?
XMM-Newton is observing Hanny’s Voorwerp TODAY!
Voorwerp Web-Comic: Authors meeting at CONvergence
From Voorwerp to webcomic – the quest continues
Galaxy Zoo gets highlighted by the 2010 Decadal Survey
A Comic Voorwerp
Comic moments with Hanny’s Voorwerp and Galaxy Zoo
Hunting Voorwerpjes
The sudden death of the nearest quasar
Hunting Voorwerpjes from California
XMM-Newton time granted to observe the Voorwerpjes!
Hunting Voorwerpjes, back on Earth
When do we see the Hubble results? The final countdown.
Live blog : Voorwerp press conference
Galaxy Zoo Voorwerpjes – now with Hubble data!
AAS 218: Black Hole Growth and Host Galaxy Morphology
AAS January Voorwerp even video available
Voorwerpje paper submitted
First look at Hubble’s first look at the first Voorwerpje


Also from the Galaxy Zoo Blog:

IYA 2009: She is an astronomer

She is an astronomer: Hanny van Arkel
Zij is een astronoom: Hanny van Arkel (Dutch translation)

From the Galaxy Zoo Forum:

What is Hanny’s Voorwerp?

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Chat about Hanny’s Voorwerp

Is this one too?
Hubble and Voorwerp news