Most press attention of 2010 is covered in the media category, but here are some direct links of related articles on the web too:

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Wereld 2.0
Universe Today: Puzzle No. 5
Universe Today: Astronomers begin observing Hanny’s Voorwerp with the Hubble Space Telescope
De Volkskrant: Hubble gaat Hanny’s Voorwerp in beeld brengen
The Birmingham News: University of Alabama astronomer gets shot at solving cosmic mystery with Hubble’s help
Word of Mouth: Crowd around the telescope
The AWL: The story of Hanny, so far
CITAVERDE College: Zijn er nog vragen?
The Chronicle of Higher Education: Crowd science reaches new hights
AFM Radio: Event Horizon with discoverer of Hanny’s Voorwerp
BBC World Service: Hanny’s Voorwerp; the pach of space named after a Dutch teacher
Universe Today: Radio observations provide new explanation for Hanny’s Voorwerp
Astronomy Now: Radio observations shed new light on Hanny’s Voorwerp
Discovery News: Galactic Monster Mystery Solved
ASTRON’s Daily Image: Illuminating Hanny’s Voorwerp; a closer look at the centre of IC2497
Science Palooza: Hanny’s Voorwerp
MAKEΔONIA: Hanny van Arkel: Όλοι μπορούμε να συμμετέχουμε στις επιστημονικές ανακαλύψεις
ASTRON: Unravelling the mystery of Hanny’s Voorwerp
University of Alabama News: Comic book to share true tale of strange space object
ASTRON: Dutch school teacher stars in American comic
ASTRON: Invitation to the world premiere of Hanny’s Voorwerp – the comic!
Citizen Cyberscience Summit: Hanny van Arkel’s interview (by Grid Talk)
RNW: Hanny’s Voorwerp heeft nu eigen stripverhaal
Bad Astronomy: Hanny and the Voorwerp
Discovery News: Hanny and the Voorwerp: cool band name, or web comic?
Weller: Hanny’s Voorwerp verovert de wereld
Ingeniøren: Hanny og den mystiske Voorwerp
W24.nl Scienceflash: Reportage Hanny’s Voorwerp
BBC: Citizen Cyber Science Summit
KRO’s Goudmijn: Hanny’s Voorwerp (on channel NED2)
Zeit online: Galaxiensuchen nach Feierabend
New York Times: Managing Scientific Inquiry in a Laboratory the Size of the Web
La Repubblica: La forza della Citizen Science Quandro la ricerca è condivisa