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Since I was asked a few times to do lectures about my discovery, the project which led me to find it and ‘citizen science’, I created a presentation, of which you can find more information below.

lezing 01

  • My lectures are suitable for every group – whether big or small – interested in the subject(s). For example, I’ve had 150 astronomers in my audience, but I also did this talk for 30 kids. The presentation is either in Dutch or in English.
  • It usually takes me about 30 minutes, with time at the end for questions. Though I’m not an astronomer myself, I’m capable of answering most questions related to the subjects, or otherwise know the place to point to for answers, so please don’t hesitate to ask.
  • With every new appointment I update the PowerPoint presentation – which was made with help of a few members of the original Galaxy Zoo (astronomers) Team – and I’m flexible in making adjustments to specific wishes, so please let me know who’s in your audience and what you’d like to learn most about.
  • I take the presentation with me on a USB-stick, so please make sure the right equipment is present. If you’re inviting me for a large group, you should also think of amplifiers.
  • Due to copyright arrangements it’s forbidden to make video or sound recordings of my lectures. Please also note that you’re not allowed to take pictures of me during the talk; I don’t mind posing for you afterwards though.

The standard lecture handles three main subjects:
lezing 02
Galaxy Zoo and The Zooniverse: What is it and how did it start? What are the latest ins and outs? And what are the results? The answers to these questions and more, are presented in nice, short facts.

lezing 03
Hanny’s Voorwerp: How did I find it and what happened since the discovery? What is it? And what is planned for the future?

lezing 04
Citizen Science: Why are people motivated to contribute? What’s so great about it? I also shed a light on the community behind ‘The Zoo’ and on how outreach work is done.

In conclusion…

If you’re interested in a lecture, or if you have more questions, please feel free to contact me. I’d like to end this page with a quote someone sent me after attending one of my talks. If you’ve been to one and you’d like to share your review, please contact me too.

“I look back at your presentation with pleasure and admiration. It was an excellently presented story of your adventure. Beautiful images, with a professional but also sparkling explanation and some nice anecdotes. We enjoyed it. It was one of the best lectures we’ve had in the five years that we’ve been organising evenings like this.” (Frans, February 2009).