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Hello…, my dear friend,

My dear friend, who I used to talk to daily or weekly. Those who I used to keep in touch with online (because there’s a body of water between us). Those friendly acquaintances. You, all of you, reading this. Thank you for the birthday wishes!  And sorry I have been out of touch. Some of […]

Sign of Life

Lately I’ve been rather absent from this weblog. I did do a couple of lectures and events in the past few months, and I tweeted the odd picture, but I haven’t had the time and energy (yet) to report about those here. This has everything to do with the fact I’ll become a mum within […]


This update will probably make little sense to readers who’re expecting a cohesive entry, but since this is also a bit of my diary, I wanted to keep it complete with these things that have kept me entertained the last few months (besides growing a new human being and the tiredness that comes with that). […]

A little announcement

In 2007 I discovered a Voorwerp. In 2013 I lectured about said Voorwerp and I met my partner. In October 2015…    We’re expecting a baby boy! Here is the little bug. I underestimated how exhausting it is for a female body to make a baby (I mean, the process after fertilisation). Then there was […]

Valentine’s Holiday

  Officially it’s the carnival break, but even though I live in Limburg, I usually skip that tradition. I never really did Valentine’s Day either, but it is nice to get Fifty Red Roses, of course (and I did surprise Steven too). Mostly I’m just glad to have the week off though. I am very […]