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How to pronounce the word ‘Voorwerp’?

Believe it or not, but that’s still one of the questions I frequently get asked and although I just finished another (English) phonetics course, it’s quite a hard question to answer in an e-mail. (In actual conversations at meetings abroad, people get round this by asking about my ‘thingy’ in space). Now I could just […]

Lyrics in phonemes

‘Why?’ You ask? Well because it’s fun and ‘fun’ is always the best reason to do something. But also because I had to study the 44 meaning-distinctive sound elements in ‘BBC English’ (Received Pronunciation) and I thought I’d show you what I’ve been up to. I passed the exam with an 81% score and a […]

Stop the Cull now!

(This is an assignment for my English course, module LAN3 – 6.7. It’s not one of the reports I need to put online, but since it’s a good summary on the horrible situation of the British badgers, I wanted to share it. It’s already graded by my tutor with an 8,0 and by Brian with […]

Dear Sir/Madam,

Oi! I mean, good day! If you’re one of my regular readers and you’ve spotted the new ‘English’ category, you might wonder what that is about as this site has been in English from the start (five whole years ago!) Well, I’m officially an English student these days. For those wondering: I haven’t given up […]