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Het logboek

Remember the space recipes contest? And how the winners would end up in the book Anke den Duyn was writing? Well said book is out now and it’s called: “Het logboek”. As participants of the contest, my students and I were sent a copy and we’ve been reading it together since.   Even though Anke […]

Scheire en de Schepping – the Book!

“Do you crave knowledge and information endlessly? Do you need some securities in life? Don’t look any further: this book has the solution.” Says the blurb on the back of the new book ‘Scheire en de Schepping’. It goes on where the TV show (which is like the British QI) stops. And it does just […]

“Working Together Apart”

A while ago I was asked permission to use a photo from my website for a new book. The photographer with whom I put them in touch gave permission too and we were both sent a copy. The book, written by Olsen & Olsen, is about the collaboration over the internet, which I – as […]

Book: Biohacking

If you’re not new to this site of mine, you know I often mention the places my Voorwerp pops up. A while ago I was interviewed for this book, with the subtitle ‘Gentechnik aus der Garage’, and one of the authors – Richard Friebe – made sure I got a copy to show you. It’s […]

Here it is!!

This wonderful book, which is literally full of wonders, doesn’t really need an introduction anymore – especially since I’ve mentioned it here before. However, I just found my copy of The Cosmic Tourist by Brian May, Patrick Moore and Chris Lintott in my mailbox and I’m standing on my soapbox with it for several reasons… […]