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Northern Lights & Sun Eclipse

Remember those recent cool events? Even though they were visible in some parts of the Netherlands, unfortunately I was not in those parts for either. Steven Lantinga (my partner) was and he took these pictures, which I’d still like to show off. So, enjoy!  (It’s fairly late, but I’ve been busy. I’ll let you know […]

In The Forest

Term break is almost over again and of course I didn’t finish everything I wanted. However, spending time reading and going for walks in the forest, is important too. Here are a few pictures I took during the walks, just because I like them. Carpe diem and all that. 😀 It’s a beautiful day… The […]

A Weekend in Deventer

I just want to stick this lovely picture in my diary here. Steven and I met up for lunch with the brilliant Dirk Maggs (who has a neat looking new website) and his lovely wife Lesley, who happened to be in our neck of the woods. We had a great time (sharing memories of the […]

White stuff!

  The good stuff! As I said in my previous entry, we had snow in some parts of the Netherlands. Not the messy, slushy stuff. But the proper, thick 10 cm which is perfect for snowball fights – stuff. We stayed over at our friend’s house and in the morning we went for a walk […]

Lucky ’13

Yep. This is one of those reflective blogs. And what a year it was! I did ‘predict’ 2013 was going to be an amazing year and I was right. Note that I don’t actually believe in predictions; in my experience working hard, taking chances and thinking positively will make amazing things happen, but other than […]