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New image of Hanny’s Voorwerp (seriously)!

Last Friday, I gave a lecture in Dordrecht (of which I’m going to tell you all about next weekend, after my exams and a certain rock concert). André van der Hoeven, astro-photographer extraordinaire, came to visit said lecture and was inspired afterwards to send me this new image of my Voorwerp below. He showed it […]

Milky Way Cocktail?

Does a Milky Way Cocktail contain milk? Do you know what Dark Matter tastes like? That’s what the poster below asks. It challenges primary school kids (of all groups and from everywhere!) to come up with a recipe for this astronomical dish and/or drink. It’s a competition and the organisers asked me to take a […]

Helen Keen’s ‘It Is Rocket Science’ new series

I’m fairly sure that most of you following my blog are interested in (space) science. And I’m guessing that a lot of you are interested in it the way I am; without necessarily being an actual scientist. Have I got a thing to show you! My friend Helen Keen, who had invited me on her […]

Helen Keen’s Spacetacular! Line-Up Announced!

I’ve reblogged this from the Londonist, to announce I will be joining Helen Keen on this show! Read below what/how/who/why and where to get your tickets. See you there? 😉   On 27 January, we’re putting on our first ever West End show, bringing a very different kind of star to Leicester Square Theatre. Helen […]

The Story of Hanny, So Far

The following blog post was written by Ann Finkbeiner – a science writer who mostly writes books. It appeard on: Her own site is:   Hanny van Arkel was 24 years old and teaching primary school in Heerlen, the Netherlands. She also played guitar and during summer vacation back in 2007, she was […]