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Throwback Thursday: CULTAVERDE 2015

As the title suggests (and as I mentioned before) I’m going to share a few things from this past year, which I haven’t been able to show earlier due to being too busy with life itself (and creating a new life). The first event I think I should mention in this online diary, is the […]

WWRY Germany!

I did it again. And I have now seen the show in three languages. This one was kind of a surprise, as there were only a few shows planned in Cologne. But I took the opportunity with a friend who’s a fan of Queen also and it was another great show, of course. Like the […]


This update will probably make little sense to readers who’re expecting a cohesive entry, but since this is also a bit of my diary, I wanted to keep it complete with these things that have kept me entertained the last few months (besides growing a new human being and the tiredness that comes with that). […]

Queen and Adam Lambert rock Amsterdam

With the boys from Queen; Roger Taylor & Brian May, backstage  Of course we had tuned in on New Year’s Eve too and I had looked forward to the gig at the end of January even more. Because of course I would go to see my pal forever when he and his band would come […]

“Secret of BoRhap revealed, by science!”

Picture: Radio 2 Top 2000  “Confirmation of the iconic status of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ came on October 18, 1977 when the British Phonographic Industry gave it the Britannia Award as the best British pop single of the previous 25 years. But Queen knew that already!” The BoRhap has its own chapter in the ‘40 Years of […]