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Hanny’s Voorwerp (art)

After my lecture in Bussloo this weekend, I was given this beautiful piece of artwork, inspired by Hanny’s Voorwerp. The black frame has a painting on it of the space frog, which GLOWES IN THE DARK! The first picture was taken with some lights on and for the second (which isn’t really a new picture […]

Dank U Sinterklaasje!

Dutch people and English readers who have been following me for a while, know it was that time of year again: the Saint Nicholas celebrations! There have been some discussions lately (again) about this tradition, and Zwarte Pieten in particular, but I’m not going to address this anymore. I’ve just been enjoying the festivities with […]

Student’s Art

One of my excellent students, Kiki Rompen (second year Dutch class), has made this drawing of me, for me. Very striking eh?! I promised to show her talent to the world, via this medium, as obviously I’m a proud teacher. We’re also going to present her creativity and that of others – students and colleagues […]

Making an art of being a cover girl

This is me keeping a promise made to two of my students. They might have forgotten for the time being, with it being our summer break now, but I haven’t so here goes.  A few weeks ago these two students, Sanne and Silvana, chased me down in the hallway to tell me they were making […]

Modeling differently

Following the former post about nice people contacting me, I thought the letter from the friendly stranger called Jasper deserved to have its own spot, in the art category even. Evidently, I’ve been a model without having to sit still for a long time! Below you see a picture I took of the two pictures […]