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Flashback Friday: Stargazing in the Achterhoek

  When I took part in this Achterhoek stargazing weekend last year, I already knew this was going to be an event in which I was going to take part annually. Even though I’m not a hard-core amateur astronomer, really. I mostly went along for the fun, the people, the walks, the music (I lalalalike […]

“Did you find a voorwerp?”

Why yes I did! (In the leaflet on the boat to our summer holiday destination, under lost and found – I thought it was too funny not to share). 

Schier 2014

You can see a selection of our pictures from this weekend on my Flickr account.   Ever since I’d set foot on the island Schiermonnikoog (which for abbreviation and as a pet name I call ‘Schier’) I knew I’d be back some day. I hadn’t expected I’d be taking the boyfriend though and neither had […]

We Will Rock You in 2005

Let’s do a flashback. Back to August 2005. And back to a serendipitous encounter. I was very young (just 22) and I had hardly set foot in another country. I was studying to become a teacher and I again/still lived with my mum. Never had I been to London, let alone on my own. It […]

Another gathering of friends in London

  After a cuppa in Kensington, I made the mistake of trusting the local friend to find the way. Not that it really mattered though; the Sun was shining and our other friends would still be in the Prospect of Whitby, which has become one of our favourite pubs. Annie, Els, Graham, Nigel, Rona, Julianne, […]