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“Did you find a voorwerp?”

Why yes I did! (In the leaflet on the boat to our summer holiday destination, under lost and found – I thought it was too funny not to share). 

How to pronounce the word ‘Voorwerp’?

Believe it or not, but that’s still one of the questions I frequently get asked and although I just finished another (English) phonetics course, it’s quite a hard question to answer in an e-mail. (In actual conversations at meetings abroad, people get round this by asking about my ‘thingy’ in space). Now I could just […]

Hanny’s Voorwerp and the Little Voorwerpjes

As with almost everything these days, I meant to show you this sooner, but it’s still cool. Did I tell you that after the big Hanny’s Voorwerp discovery we found a few more examples? They live closer to their neighbouring galaxies (compared to their big cousin Hanny’s Voorwerp) and they’re smaller. Hence the nickname Voorwerpjes, […]

New image of Hanny’s Voorwerp (seriously)!

Last Friday, I gave a lecture in Dordrecht (of which I’m going to tell you all about next weekend, after my exams and a certain rock concert). André van der Hoeven, astro-photographer extraordinaire, came to visit said lecture and was inspired afterwards to send me this new image of my Voorwerp below. He showed it […]

The story of Hanny’s Voorwerp for The Huffington Post

I was asked recently to (re)write my story for The Huffington Post. They translated it to German, which looks like this: “Wie ich in meinem Wohnzimmer berühmt wurde”. Below you can read the English version.  It was an evening in the summer break, August 2007. I was sitting at my desk and – as a […]